What are the typical running costs of a Besser radiator?

There are many variables which will affect the running costs including:

  1. The type of insulation in the floors, walls and roof space.
  2. The number of windows and type of glazing installed.
  3. The type of property as well as its overall size, the number of exterior north-facing walls, ceiling heights etc.
  4. The geographical location of the property.
  5. The electricity tariff that is chosen.
  6. The outside temperature.
  7. The length of time that heat is required.
  8. The required room temperature that is set at the thermostat.
  9. The level of occupancy.
  10. The lifestyle of the occupants.

Typically, our radiators consume approximately 15-20 minutes of energy per hour in a well-insulated room.

Are your radiators like night storage heaters ?

No. Besser’s electric radiators don’t rely on the expensive Economy 7 tariff. In our opinion, this tariff benefits your energy supplier and not you. You may be getting a cheaper rate for the night-time ‘charge-up’ period for your storage heaters between midnight and 0700 but you then get hit with an ‘on-peak’ premium which applies to all of your other electrical usage including lighting, cooking, refrigeration, TV’s etc.

Besser’s electric radiators don’t need to ‘charge-up’ with heat energy overnight plus they don’t ever run out of stored heat and go cold when you really need the warmth. Our radiators are generally of a much lower wattage than storage heaters as they don’t need to build up a surplus of heat energy to release over the following day. They can be programmed around your lifestyle so, unlike storage heaters, they don’t heat your property during the daytime when the property may not even be occupied. On-demand and programmable temperatures are much more efficient.

What electricity tariff is best for me?

Besser electric radiators will work on all tariffs except for Economy 7 or similar other tariffs designed exclusively for night storage heaters. If you are thinking of replacing all of your existing night storage heaters then we recommend that you switch to a standard rate tariff which will work out cheaper for you in the long-run anyway. If you choose to do this then Besser’s qualified electricians will fit a timer to your hot water cylinder.

What size radiators do I need?

The wattage power output and the physical size of the electric radiators you need will be dictated by the cubic capacity of the area, the type of room and the level of insulation. If you wish, we can work this out for you by visiting the property. There is no charge for this.

Where is the best place to fit my new radiators?

For optimal heat distribution, your radiators should ideally be located underneath a window but this may not always be possible. Wherever they’re sited, you should try to keep the radiators unobstructed so as to benefit fully from the radiant heat output.

Can the radiators be used in the bathroom?

Yes. All of our radiators are IPX4 rated and are bathroom-safe provided that they are sited more than an arms-length from the edge of the bath or sink.

Are your electric radiators suitable for a conservatory?

Yes. Our radiators are available in heights to suit even the lowest conservatory sill. As with any hard-to-heat areas, Besser’s electric radiators are ideal for heating conservatories.

What if I want to fit the radiators myself?

All the brackets, fixings and instructions are supplied within the packaging. You may need to use more appropriate fixings for plasterboard walls.

Do you offer bigger discounts if I want to replace all of my existing heating system?

Yes. We offer a discount rate based on the number of radiators that you order. The first price break is for orders of four units, then eight units and then twelve.

The radiator prices that you see in our free colour brochure are the prices you pay.

I’ve seen other companies advertising the same products and services. Surely you all charge the same?

No. At Besser, we do not need to use self-employed commission-only sales representatives so we can effectively ‘cut-out the middleman’ and save you money on your purchase. Besser Energy Limited is a family-run business and only a Company Director will ever visit your property to demonstrate the benefits of our electric heating products and services and calculate your heating requirements.