German Electric Radiators

Besser radiators are fast becoming the most effective heating solution available on the market today. Like all things German, our electric radiators are synonymous with quality and efficiency as they are purpose-built for the coldest winter climates by the most experienced engineers using a mixture of traditional, proven techniques and materials and state-of-the-art facilities and testing methods.

Unlike the aluminium radiators that are manufactured primarily for the warmer climates of Spain, Italy and Greece, our German-built radiators are as suited to our increasingly cold British winters as they are to the snowy mountains of Austria.

Their retained heat energy distributes radiant and convectional warmth in the most economical way possible plus their innovative design and control means that this power-saving technology uses far less energy than conventional heating systems.

Energy efficient, powerful, fully controllable and discreet in looks, the Besser electric radiator is manufactured to the very highest standards for which German engineering is renowned for giving you peace of mind for decades to come.

The outside of a Besser radiator

Our radiators are manufactured from galvanised steel and then powder-coated in a durable finish. The rounded flutes that draw and heat cool air from floor level create an exterior which looks great whilst continually offering optimal performance and superior heat distribution. An even room temperature from floor to ceiling, quick heat-up times and a healthy combination of both radiant and convected warmth are completely assured.

With classic and unobtrusive styling, a Besser radiator will never look dated plus, with over 200 colours to choose from, it can always suit any interior décor.


The inside of a Besser radiator

At the heart of a Besser electric radiator is a series of refractory clay heat plates that combine modern design and technology into one highly efficient heating unit. Each individual heat plate has a power rating of between 100-200 watts (depending on model required) and once the electric radiator is switched on, the sealed element within each heat plate gets hot heating them within a matter of minutes. The heat is then instantly transferred from the plates to the specially designed flutes which then radiate the heat and start the convection process to provide all-round warmth. During this phase of the heating cycle, the room temperature is constantly monitored and the power usage of each heat plate is modulated.

The controls of a Besser radiator

Each Besser German electric radiator has a built-in digital electronic room thermostat and a 7-day programming system. The electronic thermostat is accurate to +/- 0.2 deg C and the timing system allows you to pre-set required room temperatures at specific times. As the temperature drops in a room, the thermostat senses the change and then switches the radiator on to re-heat the internal plates. This continual dynamic re-heat process continues thereby maintaining your chosen room temperature. The ability to sense temperature changes and react immediately is one of the greatest benefits of this type of heating which means that the use of electricity is limited’ and the cost of using these radiators can be just a few pence per hour per kW in a well-insulated room.

10 great reasons to choose Besser

1. German quality engineering
2. No boiler or pipework required
3. Modern 90mm slimline design
4. Thermostatically controlled
5. Low running costs

6. 100% energy transfer from radiator to room
7. Maintenance free
8. Over 200 colours available
9. Full installation and removal of old units
10. 10-year insurance-backed guarantee

Why Besser is better: a comparison with Gas/Oil/LPG heating systems

No matter how efficient a boiler claims to be, energy will always be lost to the atmosphere via the flue which means that even a brand new boiler will operate at approximately 90% efficiency from the moment it’s installed.

To compound the problem, the heat that is circulating around the pipework is reduced the further it has to travel resulting in cooler radiators (especially those that are located a considerable distance away from the boiler). If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s always the problem of sludge deposits building up in the radiators over time making the entire system perform well below par. The bottom line is that even the most modern of central heating systems can never be 100% efficient.

What about the maintenance of it all too? A gas, oil or LPG boiler needs servicing every year during its 8-year shelf life before it needs replacing again. Compared to the life-cycle of a Besser electric heating system, you could well have changed your boiler 3+ times. Add in the cost of power-flushing the radiators too and it’s clear to see that it can all get quite costly in the long run.

Have you ever wondered too why the central heating thermostat is nearly always placed halfway up a wall and usually located in the hallway? This has to be the least effective method of keeping you warm when you are sitting down in the living room on a chilly night.

Make the change now to Besser’s electric heating system and you’ll never have any of these problems and ongoing costs ever again.

Why Besser is better: a comparison with Night Storage Heaters

Besser radiators work in a different way to night storage heaters by heating rooms more quickly and efficiently because night storage heaters were originally designed to save money in a different way.

Night storage heaters were developed for an outdated night time electricity tariff called Economy 7. Overnight, the storage heater would drain large amounts of energy over seven hours then release this during the next day even if the heat was not needed. If you’re out of your property during the day time, a substantial amount of energy is wasted and you may find that you have to rely on other expensive heating methods during the evenings. Some night storage heaters feature ‘boost’ functions to combat this but are often very expensive to use.

Often our customers will also tell us that they’re fed up of wasting energy when the day turns out to be warmer than they predicted often having to open up windows to cool the room down. Over 90% of our business comes from customers who have spent years throwing money away like this and now want a much more efficient, controllable solution.

Besser radiators have been specifically designed to alleviate these common problems whilst considering the future of heating and our duty to protect the environment.

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Energy saving trust recommended

The electronic thermostat is accurate to +/- 0.2 deg C and the timing system allows you to pre-set required room temperatures at specific times.

Designed for cold climates

Our German-built radiators are as suited to our increasingly cold British winters as they are to the snowy mountains of Austria.

Night storage replacement

Over 90% of our business comes from replacing existing night storage heaters.

Attractive & functional

The surface of our radiator is powder-coated in a durable finish and offers a maximised surface area for superior heat distribution.

Modern design

Our radiators feature a modern 90mm slimline design to look beautiful in your home.

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